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Jennheadshot2smaller Tech1 bio“Inside each one of us is complete freedom, joy, a unique sense of being that transcends all problems, that can bring us back to deep peace. That peace, that knowing, is your birthright. It is indeed what is most essential to your well-being, to know that not only you are well, but that you have something of significance to contribute to the world. However, for those suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma or other mental health issues, getting back to that place of inner peace can be very challenging. I have helped provide a pathway back to peace for hundreds of couples and individuals suffering from disturbances of all kinds including sexual, childhood and domestic abuse, terminal or chronic illnesses, grief and loss, communication issues, intimacy issues, work-related trauma, military personnel issues, VSP (very sensitive person)-related trauma, chronic depression or anxiety, panic disorders, family of origin issues, and more.


PTSD: “Trauma is just one of my specialties — when that gets cleared, my clients are able to heal (I am an EMDR Consultant-in-Training and supervise Certified EMDR Therapists-in-Training). However, many more people suffer from trauma than they realize. Difficulties in families of origin, painful relationship breakups, deaths, parental neglect, physical challenges such as chronic illness, ageing, caretaking for loved ones, job challenges are all sources of trauma. Basically, as a trauma expert, I consider anything that creates disturbance that cannot be resolved, and continues to prevent you from enjoying a life with happiness and resiliency, is probably trauma.

8376271918_0ca57957fa_q“All trauma has one thing in common, which is also fortunately the gateway to creating healing: the brain. When trauma is getting in the way of our life, it may be labeled PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), which is the brain’s way of coping with catastrophic information. However, many people with less obvious trauma don’t see it as fixable, and just ‘white knuckle it’ when they could have gotten help. The brain is this amazing instrument with a primary motivation of helping us survive. When something extremely disturbing happens, the brain will automatically “protect” the individual by shutting down in various ways. For example, the person may get stuck in their life, give up or procrastinate or self-sabotage relationships and career success. In extreme cases, the person may dissociate–viewing the traumatic situation from a point of view outside of the body. Or the brain might create a state of amnesia–the traumatized person may completely block out and forget what happened (also called repression). But it’s important to remember that the person does not do this consciously. The brain does all this automatically, to protect the person’s life and sanity, and it does a very good job in most cases.

ballerwives“However, the consequences of the brain defending someone against trauma involve more than just short-term protection. These long-term consequences can have a very negative effect on the person’s life. The brain, you see, when faced with disturbing incidences, “re-writes” the person’s beliefs about life to prevent them from getting hurt again, often in literal and unhelpful ways. A person whose home was destroyed in a fire as a child may end up believing: “Home is not safe,” or “No matter what I try to do to keep myself safe, at any time the rug can get pulled out from under me.” As an adult, that person may feel stuck–they can’t seem to stay in one place for long or they turn into a clutterer. They’re anxious all the time. They can’t trust relationships. They sabotage their careers.  

break-addictions“When someone comes to me who is either aware that their trauma is getting in their way, or is having a problem in living that is getting in the way of being happy, my work is to first, help them uncover the hidden beliefs they are carrying that are keeping them stuck. Often, my clients will insist their beliefs are just facts! “Well, of COURSE I can’t trust anyone! Who can these days?” for example. So our work together will be a process of discovery and reclaiming the truth. In addition, I use powerful techniques to help individuals re-claim their lives by retraining the brain. Our work together will be a rich journey of unraveling the stories, beliefs and assumptions you derived from your parents, childhood, adulthood and, believe it or not, even your ancestral lineage. Regardless of whether the results are rapid or take somewhat longer, the techniques I utilize are extremely effective, and have helped client after client ‘get their groove back,’ and create much deeper, more meaningful lives.

JH5“I believe I can help you too! Please contact me with the form at the bottom of the page, and we can set up a time for a free 15 minute phone consult. My goal is to help
you find inner peace, because that is the key to everything else: abundance, love and a life well-lived. It is possible; I promise I will do all I can to make it a reality for you.”
Dr. Jen

Dr. Jennifer Holt also specializes in other types of therapy, and works with a very diverse mix of clients including GLBTQ folks. Click here for more information. In addition, she is a peace musician and recently performed as a violinist and vocalist for the United Nations’ International Day of Peace in New York City.

Dr. Jennifer Holt is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in California (LPC 213), and has attained the level of  EMDR Consultant-in-Training, including supervising Certified EMDR Therapists-in-Training. As a therapist, she specializes in working with individuals and couples on a variety of issues. As a transformational coach/spiritual counselor, she coaches individuals with deeper, energetically challenging issues, anywhere in the world via Skype. 

JH skype Dr. Holt has a full-time practice with offices in both Santa Cruz and San Francisco, California. She works with clients in the Santa Cruz area Monday-Thursday at 5905 Soquel Dr., Suite 550, Soquel, CA. She also sees clients in San Francisco, at 870 Market Street, Suite 400 on Fridays. In addition, Dr. Holt works with many clients online–through the miracle of webcam (even couples!). So you can work with her from the comfort of your own home. Receive a free 15 minute phone consultation with Dr. Holt!

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Forgiveness Doesn’t Always Come Easy

Life gives us interesting twists, and often, the way we learn is by ending up face down in the mud and having to consciously wash ourselves off before we can move on.

I use an amazing process that I created myself, called the Namaste Dialogues. This unique process allows my clients to heal old trauma and forgive what often seemed like unforgiveable behavior in others. Examples include loved ones who cheated, children who lied, siblings who threw each other under the bus for their parents’ approval, parental abuse, even the murder of one woman’s grandmother. Yet each of these individuals was able to forgive eventually. And what a huge relief, to let go of that burden, to no long turn one’s back in bitterness on our perpetrator, but to genuinely release them to their highest good.

I recently realized it was time to write my next book, and the Namaste Dialogues are the clearly the best topic. Not only can teach it to the general public, I can teach it to psychologists, therapists, hospice workers, prison volunteers, and the whole world. Everyone needs and wants to know how to forgive, and the simple steps in the Namaste Dialogues make it possible.

Then, two days ago, someone I care deeply about betrayed me. I don’t need to tell you the story. Just know that I was betrayed…big time. And here I sit, beginning to write this magnificent book on forgiveness and all I feel in my heart is fury, despair and stubbornness. “Over my dead body am I going to forgive this person!” is basically the words going through my head.

So believe me when I say, I get it, I get the resistance. I have been here many times. And there is certainly a time and place for everything. But I urge you to make the choice to be willing to be willing at least. So that the doors can begin to open. Because this work will absolutely change your life, bring you love and abundance and transformation like nobody’s business. And I know that for myself.

And so I begin, this day, by saying, “I am willing to be willing to forgive,” and trust that everything is unfolding perfectly, beyond appearance, for the highest good of everyone concerned.

Namaste beloved readers.

May you be well, may you know forgiveness, love, jennifer salima