Dr. Jennifer Holt“Inside each one of us is complete freedom, joy, a unique sense of being that transcends all problems, that can bring us back to deep peace. That peace, that knowing, is your birthright. It is indeed what is most essential to your well-being, to know that not only you are well, but that you have something of significance to contribute to the world. As a therapist and executive coach, I help people live life to its fullest, by expanding that precious sense of inner peace, deep connection and fulfillment.” Dr. Jennifer Holt

For those suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma or other mental health issues, finding the place of inner peace can be very challenging. Dr. Holt has helped provide a pathway back to peace for hundreds of couples and individuals suffering from disturbances of all kinds including trauma, sexual/intimacy issues, forgiveness, addictions such as eating disorders, childhood and domestic violence, terminal or chronic illnesses, grief and loss, work-related trauma, chronic depression and anxiety, panic disorders, family of origin issues, and more.

Dr. Jennifer Holt specializes in a very rapid and effective type of therapy known as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing). She also utilizes NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and other methods that work directly with the brain to reprogram dysfunctional beliefs. Please check out her Techniques page for more information. She works with a very diverse mix of clients including GLBTQI folks. Dr. Holt also employs an intern, Juno Groves, MA, MFTI, who is very skilled and a viable alternative for those financially challenged.

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Dr. Holt has worked as an executive coach for 15 years. As a coach, she helps clients ‘get un-stuck’ and break through the barriers preventing them from attaining greater satisfaction and success in the workplace and with their careers. She has worked with executives at many top corporations, as well as other professionals such as doctors, lawyers, politicians and entrepreneurs. Her methods are fast, effective and highly focused at tuning in on the particular problem and solving it rapidly.


Dr. Jennifer Holt is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in California (LPC #213), and as an EMDR Consultant, she has attained the highest level of training within this methodology. As an EMDR Consultant she is a master EMDR therapist, and supervises Certified EMDR Therapists-in-Training. She is also a California BBS Board-Approved Supervisor for MFT and LPC Therapist Interns, and a professor at Sofia University in Palo Alto, CA. She is also the author of Sacred Gateway of Grief and Loss: Freeing the Imprisoned Soul.

 Dr. Holt has offices in both Santa Cruz and San Francisco, California. She works with clients in the Santa Cruz area Monday-Thursday at 5905 Soquel Dr., Suite 200, Soquel, CA. She also sees clients in San Francisco, at 870 Market Street, Suite 400 on Fridays. In addition, Dr. Holt works with many clients online–through the miracle of webcam (even couples!). So you can work with her from the comfort of your own home. Receive a free 15 minute phone consultation with Dr. Holt!JH skype

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Forgiveness Doesn’t Always Come Easy

Life gives us interesting twists, and often, the way we learn is by ending up face down in the mud and having to consciously wash ourselves off before we can move on.

I use an amazing process that I created myself, called the Namaste Dialogues. This unique process allows my clients to heal old trauma and forgive what often seemed like unforgiveable behavior in others. Examples include loved ones who cheated, children who lied, siblings who threw each other under the bus for their parents’ approval, parental abuse, even the murder of one woman’s grandmother. Yet each of these individuals was able to forgive eventually. And what a huge relief, to let go of that burden, to no long turn one’s back in bitterness on our perpetrator, but to genuinely release them to their highest good.

I recently realized it was time to write my next book, and the Namaste Dialogues are the clearly the best topic. Not only can teach it to the general public, I can teach it to psychologists, therapists, hospice workers, prison volunteers, and the whole world. Everyone needs and wants to know how to forgive, and the simple steps in the Namaste Dialogues make it possible.

Then, two days ago, someone I care deeply about betrayed me. I don’t need to tell you the story. Just know that I was betrayed…big time. And here I sit, beginning to write this magnificent book on forgiveness and all I feel in my heart is fury, despair and stubbornness. “Over my dead body am I going to forgive this person!” is basically the words going through my head.

So believe me when I say, I get it, I get the resistance. I have been here many times. And there is certainly a time and place for everything. But I urge you to make the choice to be willing to be willing at least. So that the doors can begin to open. Because this work will absolutely change your life, bring you love and abundance and transformation like nobody’s business. And I know that for myself.

And so I begin, this day, by saying, “I am willing to be willing to forgive,” and trust that everything is unfolding perfectly, beyond appearance, for the highest good of everyone concerned.

Namaste beloved readers.

May you be well, may you know forgiveness, love, jennifer salima